Jim Colligas 

It’s beneficial for any business to have a mural on its building because it says you care about people and you care about their city.” —Jim Colligas

When Jim Colligas bought a ShopRite supermarket at Front and Snyder Streets in South Philadelphia in 2005, he saw more than an opportunity to serve a community with his store. He also saw a way to bring his neighborhood together.  One large façade of the store facing I-95 seemed like the perfect spot for a mural. After a thorough process, artist James Burns was selected, and created Our Urban Landscape, a mural that represented the diversity of the store’s South Philly neighborhood. Jim and Suzanne, longtime fans of the Mural Arts Program, have since made generous gifts toward mural restorations to ensure that as many of the public works of art remain as possible. What started as curiosity grew into admiration for the art of mural making and a deep understanding of the power of murals as storytellers.


Jane and Joe Goldblum

“Lawyer Jane introduced me to Mural Jane.” —Joe Goldblum

When they’re not supporting Mural Arts with their leadership and generosity, Joe and Jane Goldblum keep plenty busy on greater Philadelphia’s legal, business, and cultural scenes. In addition to serving as the Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates’ board chair for four years, Joe is the owner and president of G-II Equity Investors, Inc., and serves on boards and committees for organizations such as the Wistar Institute and the Anti-Defamation League. Jane serves on Mural Arts’ Advisory Council and is a co-founder and partner of Goldblum & Hess, a law firm specializing in immigration. The Goldblums first heard about Mural Arts when their oldest son’s friend studied the program as part of his dissertation work. After a tour in 2008, with Executive Director Jane Golden as the tour guide, everything clicked. The Goldblums have been ardent supporters of Mural Arts’ work ever since.




 “Everybody knows Philadelphia for the beautiful murals that surround the city, and we are thrilled to say that we partner with Mural Arts.” — Kristina Matthews, Marketing Manager, Zipcar-Philadelphia

In fall 2013, Mural Arts proudly launched a new partnership with Zipcar, the world’s largest car-sharing and car club service. As a global brand with a local footprint, Zipcar prioritizes community involvement in all of their serviced cities. Each year, Zipcar supports a variety of organizations, including local nonprofits, as well as national organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. In celebration of Mural Arts Month 2013, Zipcar wrapped one of their vehicles with Legendary, a  mural designed by local artist collective Amber Art &Design featuring Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, which celebrates iconic Philadelphia’s musicians The Roots. For every hour the car was reserved, Zipcar made a $1 donation to Mural Arts. Over a two-month span, the car was rented 124 times and driven a total of 3,282 miles. The mural-wrapped car created major social media buzz, appearing at the opening of Beyond the Paint, Mural Arts’ 30th-anniversary exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the re-dedication of Keith Haring’s We the Youth mural in South Philadelphia.

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Tony Goldman
“Developers are knock ’em down, build ’em up guys. That’s not me.” —Tony Goldman


Tony Goldman saw himself as a long-term investor in the revitalization of historic neighborhoods. In 1968, he opened Goldman Properties in a 200-square-foot office space with one employee. Over the next 25 years, he sought to create neighborhoods where people and businesses flourish, and art is a part of everyday life. In 2011, Goldman Properties collaborated with Mural Arts, funding a public art series that engaged  students from Mural Arts’ education program and world-renowned visual artists, including Brooklyn-based artist Kenny Scharf and Spanish-born and German-raised twin brothers HOW and NOSM.  Thanks to Tony, Mural Arts students have had the opportunity to work with accomplished artists and create works of public art that have become part of the 13th Street corridor. Mural Arts was heartbroken to learn of the loss of Tony Goldman in September 2012, but we are happy to continue to work with Goldman Properties along 13th Street and to extend his vision.

Liz Solms
“I have long believed that real change comes about at the intersection of art and community. They are indelibly linked. Mural Arts enacts this concept every day, and that is why I am involved.” —Liz Solms

For Liz Solms, a fourth-generation Philadelphian, pride in and concern for the city run deep. Liz splits her time between South Philly and Jamaica, where she works in sustainable agriculture through her consulting business, Banana Tree Consulting. In addition to her work outside of the country, she works stateside, providing creative direction for Historic Landmarks for Living, a development company that focuses on rehabilitating old warehouses and factories, turning them into interesting living spaces. Growing up in Center City, Liz saw Philadelphia develop into the “City of Murals” throughout her youth. Over the years, she has become a more active supporter of Mural Arts and recently joined the Advisory Council, her most powerful moment came this past fall. “I was incredibly moved, listening to Jane Golden speak at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts’ Beyond the Paint exhibition,” Liz describes. “It was a real moment for me in fully understanding how Mural Arts has an impact past art on the wall.”



“There is a hope we can mobilize and inspire the minds of future scientists for years to come. Through our partnership, we look forward to providing expert advice on paint and its application to Mural Arts staff, with hopes that each mural will remain vibrant for future generations.” —Justin Land, Public Affairs Manager, Dow Chemical Company

Mural Arts is pleased to announce a new comprehensive partnership with the Dow Chemical Company. Mural Arts and Dow will work together to create a public art project led by artist Ben Volta, in conjunction with the 2015 Philadelphia Science Festival, of which Dow is the presenting sponsor. The project will engage more than 50 youth and provide a unique opportunity to develop science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programming that explores connections between art and science. The partnership with Dow will also include employee paint days, neighborhood clean-ups, and a technical exchange. The Mural Arts team met with experts from Dow in September 2014 for a hands-on training session on the latest in paint ingredients. The quality and durability of Mural Arts’ projects are an important aspect of how communities are served, and Mural Arts is eager to bring Dow’s expertise to this part of the work.







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